Getting a round of painting service done is one thing. But to reach a consensus, or to understand and perceive what colours to go in for, is the tougher of the two. Not everyone can perceive what the finished colour and texture will really be like, or what a finished painted surface will be like. And not to miss, what type of colour scheme and the type of paints to incorporate as in what will really complement and balance is also something people are not fully aware of.

So anytime there is a painting job underway, or a home makeover session, a new construction or a house revamp in Perth, painting too figures majorly in the scheme of things undertaken for the house or building. So, for the building or for the interiors to look good or the way it was planned, perfectly coordinated colour selections and designs is very important. Otherwise, if the colour schemes or the selected colours don’t gel well with the interiors, it can look incomplete or will not have the intended effect.

We at MU Painting do understand that colour and design scheme selection is not a very easy task. And that is why we are here to give you a helping hand. We have a huge range of colours and colour schemes. You can consult with us about the type of colours that would go for a particular room or area, or what your ideas are. Our experienced painters will take all points into consideration and give you the best suggestions after weighing in all the options. Our painters will take away the uncertainty and will help you finalize the colour schemes.

If you are looking for some inspiring suggestions and advice regarding colour schemes and selections, we are here for you. Contact MU Painting on 0449 946 407 or email us at


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